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All natural, solid wood construction built and designed by the very best in the world.


Please welcome the all new Flaye table. Flexibility redefined.

Winner of the prestigious Imm Cologne 2013 Interior Innovation Award. Read more about the Flaye Table…


Award Winning

Team 7 furniture wins a lot of prestigious design awards.  And we mean a lot. Check out their long list of achievements.Learn More

Built to Last

Only first-class craftsmen are selected to create Team 7 pieces, resulting in some of the world’s finest luxury furniture.Learn More

Purity Redifined

Hand oiled solid wood, traditional joinery, and a commitment to avoid harmful toxins means that you live and breathe healthier with Team 7 furniture.Learn More

Sustainably Built

Team 7 Furniture is crafted from well managed hardwood forests and produced with minmal waste. Even the workshops are heated using the offcuts. Learn More