The all new Flaye Table by Team 7. Pure Brilliance.

The newest addition to Team 7’s dining table collection is a winner – the Flaye table launched at the IMM Cologne 2013, the world’s most distinguished furniture design fair. This winner of the Interior Innovation award is beautiful and functional – a gentle pull will open the Flaye to accommodate four extra seats at your table. No leaves to store away, no help required.

The curved underside of the table is available wrapped in leather – easily coordinated with any of Team 7’s leather seated dining chairs – and will be made from your choice of seven wood species. The Flaye comes strictly in wood, if you prefer an entirely organic feel.

Designed by Jacob Strobel.

Elevenfiftyfour is a modern furnishings store in Ottawa, Ontario with a mandate for quality in design and make. All Team 7 pieces can be shipped to major cities in the US and Canada. Please contact our team for a quote.

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Walnut is dark brown with beautiful and vivid graining which ranges from a light to black-brown, sometimes with a touch of red or violet. It is a statement wood that needs no embellishment and benefits from a simple clean design which allows the walnut to become as much a part of the design as the design itself.

The outstanding processing qualities are characteristic of walnut. Walnut is hard and dimensionally stable with virtually no elasticity. Its hardness makes walnut highly durable and resistant to wear. This valuable elegant wood is predominantly used for exclusive solid wood furniture.

The color becomes lighter through regular exposure to sunlight.

The walnut used by TEAM 7 comes from Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.

CherryThe color of cherry wood ranges from yellowish or reddish brown to intensive red-brown which darkens when exposed to sunlight. Fine pores, a uniform texture and dense fibres characterize this precious hardwood.

Cherry wood is very firm and resistant. Its uniform structure, fine grain and attractive coloring make this summerlike green hardwood ideal for producing high-quality solid wood furniture.

The cherry wood used by TEAM 7 comes from Austria, Hungary and Romania.

White OakOak wood is characterized by a core ranging from grey-yellow to yellow-brown in color which darkens when exposed to sunlight. Clearly visible annual rings give the oak wood a uniform grain pattern.

Durability and strength are the main characteristics of oak wood. Its great strength makes oak wood particularly suitable for producing solid wood furniture.

The oak wood used by TEAM 7 comes from Germany, Austria and Hungary.

MapleMaple wood is characterized by a very light, almost white, color which darkens and yellows when regularly exposed to sunlight. The natural process of yellowing is prevented by applying the TEAM 7white oil. Fine pores dominate the uniform structure of maple wood. Its unobtrusive grain pattern displays fine, pale brown lines.

Maple wood is medium-hard to hard. High strength and elasticity are characteristic features of this wood. Its high resistance to wear makes maple eminently suitable for use in solid wood furniture.


The maple used by TEAM 7 comes from Austria, Germany, Croatia and Romania.


core beechCore beech is characterized by a lively and distinctive wood look. Differences in color, knots and small knotholes are what makes core beech desirable. Natural coloured wood portions create a lively, distinctive grain pattern.

Core beech is heavy and hard. It has become a favourite material in the production of solid wood furniture.

The core beech used by TEAM 7 comes from Austria and Germany.

beechBeech wood is pale yellow to reddish brown in color. The color darkens slightly when regularly exposed to sunlight. The grain pattern of beech wood is exceedingly uniform and fine. The pores are small and uniformly dispersed.

Beech wood is very firm and heavy. Its structure makes it particularly easy to process. Beech is an exceedingly popular material for producing solid wood furniture. One of the most important hardwood species in Europe, beech accounts for a large proportion of the trees grown in German-speaking countries.

The beech wood used by TEAM 7 comes from Austria and Germany.

alderAlder wood displays a warm golden-red color. However, it owes its special charisma to differences in color and medullary rays. The pores are very finely dispersed and barely visible. Regular exposure to sunlight lets the wood darken.

Alder is a fast-growing medium-hard species of wood with a fine texture. It is easy to process and commonly used in the production of solid wood furniture.

The alder used by TEAM 7 comes from Hungary and Poland.


Combined with solid wood, glass brings a contemporary yet timeless look to Team7 designs.

A number of carefully chosen colours are available to compliment and accentuate the natural wood grains in each piece.

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Elegant hardwoods from sustainably managed forests, glued without using formaldehyde and finished by hand using natural oil: TEAM 7′s strict, self imposed purity policy provides for a healthy indoor climate and helps to protect the environment.



Built to Last

All TEAM 7 furniture is subject to advanced testing at their own laboratory before market introduction. This ensures that each product is skillfully engineered to stand the test of time and daily use.



Furniture Care

Natural wood is easy to care for and easy to clean. Simply apply a little herbal oil to the wood when necessary – that is all that TEAM 7 furniture needs to look as good as new even after many years of use.



Pure Wood

Quality wood from all angles: Unlike most companies, Team7 products are made exclusively of precious natural wood, inside and outside. From the most visible front and sides panels, to the rarely seen shelving and backs, quality wood is all you’ll find. The highgrade three-ply boards ensure stability and prevent the wood from warping.